The Ringer's 2022 QB RANKINGS


WELCOME TO THE RINGER’S 2022 QB RANKINGS. Steven Ruiz will keep track of the league’s quarterbacks all season, grading them on six different attributes to determine the NFL’s best passers. He’ll also hand out badges to signify strengths, weaknesses, and who has that dog in him. It’s a quarterback’s league. We have it covered.

QB Rankings

Nope. We’re not doing this. We are not doing the Patrick Mahomes vs. Joe Burrow debates. I thought we all agreed earlier this season that Mahomes is in his own league, and everyone else comes after. What has changed since then? Mahomes is going to win his second league MVP this season, his team is the top seed in the AFC as he goes for his second Super Bowl ring, and he just beat a decent Jaguars team on one foot. At one point he jumped out of a tight pocket so he could get a throw off over the pass rush! Burrow is a great quarterback, and maybe one day he might have a chance to make this a debate. But no matter what happens on Sunday, it’s still only Mahomes at the top. We have never seen anything like no. 15.

Updated 1.25