The Ringer's 2022 QB RANKINGS


WELCOME TO THE RINGER’S 2022 QB RANKINGS. Steven Ruiz will keep track of the league’s quarterbacks all season, grading them on six different attributes to determine the NFL’s best passers. He’ll also hand out badges to signify strengths, weaknesses, and who has that dog in him. It’s a quarterback’s league. We have it covered.

QB Rankings

The group of elite NFL quarterbacks is starting to resemble the Avengers. Patrick Mahomes is Iron Man, Josh Allen is the Hulk, Justin Herbert is Thor, Tom Brady is Captain America, Lamar Jackson is Spider-Man, and Aaron Rodgers, after this past offseason, is obviously Scarlet Witch.

Jokes aside, it does feel like a quarterback in today’s NFL must possess a superstar trait—or superpower, if you want to extend the metaphor—to earn membership in the group, which is why I was hesitant to include Joe Burrow in this discussion before the season began. I didn’t initially see that superpower in his game, but Burrow’s combination of feel and accuracy is starting to look like one. There are still times when his lack of pure arm strength prevents him from making a throw, but those instances are easily outweighed (and outnumbered) by the opportunities he creates with his trademark precision. This week, Burrow cracks the top five for the first time all season; more importantly, I’ve changed my stance on his ceiling. He is fully capable of being an Avenger … but he may just have to settle for being Hawkeye. 

Updated 11.23