The Ringer's 2022 QB RANKINGS


WELCOME TO THE RINGER’S 2022 QB RANKINGS. Steven Ruiz will keep track of the league’s quarterbacks all season, grading them on six different attributes to determine the NFL’s best passers. He’ll also hand out badges to signify strengths, weaknesses, and who has that dog in him. It’s a quarterback’s league. We have it covered.

QB Rankings

Always bet on talent. If there’s one point these rankings will consistently make, it’s that. In an age of super-powered quarterbacks, passers need to have at least one remarkable physical trait—from mobility, to arm talent, to accuracy, etc.—if they’re going to keep up with the elite players at the position. Had NFL teams viewed the 2018 draft class through that lens, Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson would have been the first two quarterbacks off the board. The Ravens and Bills bet on talent, and Allen and Jackson have blossomed into true signal-callers who no longer have to use their physical abilities as a crutch—but still can when the situation calls for it. Their development hasn’t gone unnoticed. Allen jumped the line to the no. 2 spot behind Patrick Mahomes this week, while Jackson has crashed the top five for the first time. 

Here’s where things stand heading into Week 4.

Updated 9.28